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23 Jun

As the popularity of iphones becomes more and more greater with time, the availability of spare parts such as LCD’s, digitizer, docking port charging assembly and batteries are becoming cheaper as the models get older.  With this we see a lot of mobile phone parts suppliers on the increase and edging each other for that competitive edge.  It can be compared to a price war so they all compete with each other harder and with making very little profit.

When a market is flooded with a product, new avenues are explored and with cheaper chinese imports of aftermarket products such as iphone 3G and 3GS touch screens, being available now for around $15 wholesale, given that they were around $70 each 1 year prior, we see suppliers offering do it yourself mobile phone repair kits.  Is this advisable?  If you have some skill and are experienced in electronics repair then Id say it is possibly a money saver.  But with no experience at all, all you have to rely upon is the suppliers do it yourself kit, and a you tube video.

What you dont see with you tube videos are the small things, the mistakes, the extremely hard parts.  From this we mean like dropping a screw and losing it, slightly marking a ribbon cable resulting in a cracked flex circuit from the touch screen or LCD etc, how the technician cannot open the unit easily.  It is all made to look a breeze and heavily edited video.

A lot of mobile phones these days have many adhesives sticking certain sections of the mobile telephone down internally.  Obviously from the you tube video disassembly procedures, the live video you watch is of a previously disassembled phone, making it very easily disassembled a 2nd time for the video.

By attempting repairs watching such videos can cause serious trouble for the inexperienced do it your selfer because when the phones dont disassemble as easily as in the you tube video they are watching, things started to get pulled, pried, poked and wedged using force, resulting in sometimes fatal damage to the mobile phone devices motherboard or non replaceable ribbon cable flex circuits.

So in summary, if you have a moderate electronic background it is advisable to have a go yourself.  If you have no experience at all but are just a keen tinkerer, it is not advisable.  We constatly fix up phones which have been attempted to be repaired by the inexperienced, and it normally ends up costing the user more than if they brought it to us in the first place.  Sometimes its fatal and the phone cannot be repaired.  We offer an affordable repair solution for all major brands: Apple iphone, ipod and ipad, Nokia, LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Blackberry.  And of course, for all your iphone repair adelaide we welcome your call, even if for some advise!


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